About Us


The Jam Bandits produce quality, Australian-made, additive and preservative-free jams as a legacy to Alex the Jam Maker who passed away from cancer in November 2018. All profits from the sales of jams will be donated to the GI Cancer Institute.

Gastro-Intestinal (GI) cancer is the most common cancer in Australia, directly affecting more than 28,600 Australians each year. The GI Cancer Institute is dedicated to improving treatments, options and survival rates for people with Gastro-Intestinal cancer, by undertaking vital clinical trials research.

The Jam Bandits began as a small Sydney based jam and preserving company dedicated to improving our daily accompaniments.

Growing out of a small kitchen in Sydney's Surry Hills, Alex developed a range of products that reflect his personality and the flavours we encounter.

He was passionate about supplying the public with home-made, artisanal preserves that reflect the time of year and season in which they were produced. Whilst some of our flavours are a little different to the ones his Nanna made, he was dedicated to observing the time-honoured process of preserving and took pride in offering a product that was carefully and artfully nurtured for centuries.

But more than anything, he loved making deliciously-thought-through preserves that are a joy to the senses.